Columbia Township Park

The park contains the following:
  • 7 Baseball / Softball fields
  • 6 Pavilions
  • 2 Tennis courts
  • 2 Basketball courts
  • 1 Volleyball court
  • Playground set
  • .78 mile fitness track
  • Concession Stand (only open during ball games).
  • 2 Horseshoe Pits
  • Columbia Fire Station
  • Columbia Library

The Baseball fields must be reserved through Columbia Hot Stove from April 1st thru August 1st.

Pavilions’ A, B, C, and F must be reserved through the township office 236-8802. The Columbia Park Pavilion Release form must be downloaded and approved by the Columbia township Office in order to reserve a pavilion. You must be a Columbia resident to reserve a pavilion. Pavilions D and E are first come first serve. The following amenities are available:

Dogs are welcome but you must clean up after your dog. Dogs must be leashed.

No alcoholic beverages allowed in the park.

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